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Česká verze




In the old times when the Actor ruled and man was so lazy that he drove everywhere by car with combustion engines, the Bourgeoisie ruled! They gained dominion with the murder of Marie Antoinette in France and by its They take over her power. Until now historians have been arguing whether it was not her husband Philip if ordered her murder by the repulsive losers in now. Luckily, the time has advanced and thanks to you, dear children, the criminal governments in Europe had to call themselves re-publics which was the worst hell for the Working Class of those times.
In schools they even had to do Sports instead of self-defensi i.e. tai-chi, even if you didn’t want to do that. There were many musts (so that the bourgeoisie could keep its ruling and energy), too many musts. Parents who were afraid of social services using the crooked Civil Code because women who were unable to physically self-defended themselves operated with law - up to the point that it was unbearable in this World, explained the subordination of the state to the Family, and all in all, it was just wrong.
So there was a lot of drinking alcohol - in order to be able to put up with it all. You know, you can’t find the Sun in the street, as Manata used to said…
… so catch the bird by its tail, dear ladies! (the position from tai-chi)

Live & prosper in private!


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