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Catch VI - SMARTdrugs Relationship!

SMARTdrugs that have been invented based on the principle of THC effects (expecially its rare "non-funcionality" in case of abuse) are controled by the system based on the Community. It is necessary that at least every young person uses these substances for a minimum of five years in order to become resistant to the so called otherside-schizophrenia obtained from the society as a result of undue abstinence in that age. Unnecessary paranoia resulting from this Community decision is raving about the extension of fantasy or combat skills of individuals.
Every opposition to SMARTdrugs is an opposition to the mission of life and Christian faith as such. SMARTdrugs are sold under control of the medical chamber in DRUGstores always requiring a little sitting area offering TARGAflorio as well. Everything must be prepared in a standard way in order to have basically a successful course of treatment of the patient. ;o)

P.S.: Anything is better than the current state of the Plants of Gods Time!!!

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