2022-03-19 5:14 GMT

Česká verze

Punch line of the birth story
(original sin)

... is in the fact that there is no way after today. We are there! Our concerns are from the pulsar ∞,284 whereas we are in the gravitaion system of the pulsar ∞,288 and our outlook is directed to the gravitation iniciated by the pulsar ∞,302.
When we settle and get at least a part of the excount through sWPS, Big Brother and, last but not least, openG, we fill the existence of the electro-magnetic signal with it and we will be able to turn it off (the guess of AD2077). Get the information about all the above yourself - as it is confidential - and I don’t want to spread hoax.
Then it is just easy to imagine that it’s possible and we can firmly believe (that’s why we live) that the carpenter left a (black) hole in the middle (in the medium pulsar (in numerical order)). ;o)
Then we will definitely appreciate the surveillance technology (Big Brother) or the identification SW (openG), the Satan himself (the ability to decide is entrusted to the chance the calculation of which copies the company anthropologically and it can be controlled with a sensor by little girls (see the BullGuard Internet Sucurity)) created by the grand investment AD2000 creating our reality combined with CBD from the cane sugar...

... wishing you a really peaceful life!

Catch IV (netera.name)
Law 350/80!

The numbers in the headline signify a special type of chlamydia which is a venereal disease used for the hydrogen production at the Sun crash in the Indian universes that are in us (Europeans). The designation ¨CHL¨350/80¨ means the monkish, dead, chlamydia (it can exist out of space and time). It is a vial applied on individuals, loners in most cases (one individual in 10 millions) and the actual effect of the threehundredeighties (familiar name) doesn’t takes place earlier than in the air.
The first individuals were infected already in the year AD2005 and that’s because ¨CHL¨350/80¨ must something like suck in us in the signal. It is good to eat nothing else than cane sugar (a task for the feminists) because of its CBD content fulfilling the Projekt 380 this way regarding informational technologies.
Don’t worry, ¨CHL¨350/80¨ are completely asexual (or their function (because of the children)). So let’s go up to our flatties (the new TV sets) with the feeling that when the electronics and biology connect → it doesn’t mean anything disgusting! It may be because of the air... ;o)

Velmistr of NETERA, SaTaN

AD2022 for Big Brother & openG - MICKEYsoftware