Thursday - Year AD2021 - Month December - Day 2nd - (reborning of quality)

Live & prosper in private!

VPNt - computers counting with it since AD2005

Highest trafic of data to squer meter. ;o)

(secret: 99% trafic of data alltime - our procesors working without protocols, which are working on the begin and end of VPNtunel only)

[5th January 20'23 13:36 GMT+0] Now, when I got it (transcommunication all around the World through internet Cabel TV), let to cellebrate!
[29th January 20'23 18:46 GMT+0] We reached highest level of possible hack and went more through sacrifying of A Signals. Now we have control above digital terestrial (TV) and we going through VPNt there.
[9th February 20'23 20:35 GMT+0] VPNt system working with inner IPv6 for every connection, and for future we want take resposibility for hole telecomunication connections above hole World. So who love local IP adress, you have cca 30 years enough to loving, Mr. Secret! We are finally unhackable!!!
[22th March 20'23 16:30 GMT+0] All cable TV all around the World working under my servers and VPNt protocol - most unhackable com. all around the World. Thanks Oskar TV. ;o)
[29th March 20'23 10:45 GMT+1] Every satelite more military exept Netera's are under control of OpenC(tm) (c)AD2021 MIXmedia - have a nice wether forcast! You are my satelite, for every of my life...
[28th April 20'23 2:00 GMT+1] After take care of states about VPT firms and Internet Securities - MIXmedia is taking responsibility above it through gift of Anonymous.

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